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Over 2,000 talk show screen captures added

While browsing the photo gallery, I discovered that we were missing screen captures from the talk shows Kristen’s appeared on throughout her career. That got me started, and voilĂ  – over 2,000 captures have been added! These include Wiig on various late night and morning

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Talk Show Video Clips Added to the Archive

For the past few days, I have added clips from almost all of Kristen Wiig’s talk show-appearances to the video archive. These range from all the way back in 2008 to present day, and include interviews from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Today Show, Late

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Kristen Calls Ellen to Talk About Oscar Nomination

The day after the Oscar nominations were announced, Kristen Wiig called Ellen DeGeneres during her show to talk about the surprise-nomination. Ellen praised Kristen (rightfully so, I might add) for both her performance, and the screenplay. They also discussed the rumored Bridesmaids sequel. Click on