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‘Ghostbusters’: What the Critics are Saying

The reviews for Ghostbusters are starting to come in, and while there are both positive and negative ones – the majority praises the cast and what they bring to the picture. With a current score of 78% on RottenTomatoes.com, the general consensus is that “Ghostbusters

‘Nasty Baby’ Opens in Select Cinemas Today!

Kristen Wiig’s latest film to hit theaters is Nasty Baby, and it opens in select cinemas today! The film follows three New Yorkers who are over-the-moon about their friendship and singularly focused on the woman becoming a surrogate for her gay-couple BFFs. Kristen stars as

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‘The Skeleton Twins’ gets rave reviews!

Yesterday one of the most anticipated films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, The Skeleton Twins, premiered – to rave reviews! The story centers on twins Maggie (Kristen Wiig) and Milo (Bill Hader) and how their suicide attempts get them to reunite after a long

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‘Imogene’ first reviews

With the world premiere of Imogene at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday came the first reviews of the movie. In general, the critics seemed to like the movie, all mentioning how fantastic the cast is. That, of course, includes Kristen Wiig who received some