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Film page, screen captures and clips from ‘Extract’

I’ve finally gotten around to add another one of Kristen’s movies to our filmography page. In 2009 she starred in the comedy Extract, about a flower-extract plant owner who’s contending with an ever-growing avalanche of personal and professional disasters. She co-starred with Jason Bateman, Mila

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Film Page, Screencaptures and Clips from ‘Knocked Up’

One of Kristen’s most memorable roles to date came with the hit-comedy Knocked Up in 2007. Eventhough she appeared very briefly in the Judd Apatow-directed movie, she completely stole all of her scenes as the nice-but-not-really E! executive Jill. A film page, HD screencaptures, the

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Film Page, Screencaptures and Clips from ‘Paul’

One of my favorite performances of Kristen Wiig (though when isn’t she fantastic!) came with last year’s sci-fi comedy Paul. She portrayed Ruth Buggs and her evolution (ha!) with such believability and real emotion, at the same time as she stole the movie with her