Pretty Bird

Release date: June 29, 2010 (straight to DVD)
Directed by: Paul Schneider
Written by: Paul Schneider
Produced by: Daniel Carey, Elizabeth Giamatti, Paul Giamatti, John Limotte
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 2h

Kristen Wiig as: Mandy Riddle
Other cast: Billy Crudup, Paul Giamatti, David Hornsby

Curtis Prentiss is a terminally optimistic dreamer who rolled into a small town with little more than an enthusiastic sales pitch and an unusual set of blueprints. When Curtis’ unique plans for a personal “rocket belt” that he claims will revolutionize personal travel captivates the imagination of a gifted but out-of-work engineer, all three men embark on an ambitious quest to raise the capitol needed to finance their endeavor and make flight more accessible to the masses. While the results are indeed promising, the stress of both the task at hand and some unexpected success soon takes an unhealthy toll on the venturesome partnership.

Movie Quotes

Curtis: What’s the favorite one? What movie changed your life?
Mandy: Oh.. Um.. Changed my life? That’s a hard one.. Um.. I would probably have to say The Excorsist.
Curtis: Wow.
Mandy: It’s just the way the mother stood by her daughter as the devil was possessing her.
Curtis: I know. I love that part.
Mandy: I remember it so vividly. Shane, my son, he got a stomach virus the first time that I saw that movie. He was vomiting for two days, it was awful. Poor guy. This was when I shared custody with my former husband and it was his weekend. I was there in the car, sort of bundling my son, and he’s getting sick in his bucket that I brought and crying his little eyes out. And then I thought… BAM! The Exorcist. And I looked in the revit mirror of that car and I said ‘Mandy Riddle, if the mother in The Exorcist can keep it together while Satan himself is making a mess inside that little girl, you can get through this.’ So you know what we did? We grabbed that bucket and marched right back in the house.
Curtis: You saw a lesson there that probably no one else ever saw.

Mandy: I’m sorry, Curtis, for the life of me remember if the magazine said I’m supposed to act like I don’t want you to come in or act like I do.

Mandy: Maybe you should leave. I’m starting to feel like I want to take my pants off.