Wiig Journeys to Adventureland

This article appeared on MTV.com, published in January, 2008. Article by Shawn Adler.

You’ve been to Disney World, ridden all the rides at Six Flags. The staff at Universal City know you by name. So where’s an intrepid, theme park enthusiast to go next? Why, to “Adventureland,” of course, the new amusement destination featured in director Greg Mottola’s “Superbad” follow-up.

Just make sure you bring a copy of your life insurance, joked co-star Kristen Wiig.

“A lot of times towns will have the really great amusement park,” she smiled. “And then they’ll have the kind of scary one where you really don’t want to go on the rides because you’re afraid you might be killed.

“Adventureland is that kind of park,” she laughed.

The upcoming flick centers on “The Squid and the Whale” star Jesse Eisenberg during the course of his summer job at the park, as he learns all about what it takes to cut it as a carnie. But don’t blame poor Jesse if your theme park experience was less than optimal, Wiig insisted.

“Bill Hader and I play the managers of the park – the bosses of all the kids that work there over the summer. And, well, we’re not quite that competent at what we do,” the SNL actress said.

Also starring Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds, “Adventureland” becomes the world’s biggest Mickey Mouse organization this August.