They’re Live on ‘SNL’

This article appeared in USA Today, published in December, 2005. Article by Gary Strauss.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live has four new cast members, the comedy show’s biggest influx of new talent since the mid-1990s. USA TODAY‘s Gary Strauss examines how the four are making their mark. (Read full article here)

Meet Kristen Wiig, 32

Before SNL: Was in sketch comedy group The Groundlings; guest starred on Drew Carey and I’m With Her. Also cast in two failed CBS pilots, My Life Incorporatedand McGrubbers.

Making the cast: Tape of Groundlings’ sketches paved way for two auditions. Wiig made her debut Nov. 12.

Known for: Impersonating Megan Mullally and Judy Garland.

Being on SNL: “So far, its great. It’s fun and surreal.”

Personal: Attended University of Arizona. Lives in New York. Married to actor/comic Hayes Hargrove.

Outside work: “This is pretty much my life now.”

SNL producer Lorne Michaels says: “She has some really nice characters and funny impressions. She’s got real poise.”