SAG Preview 2011

This article appeared in Variety, published in November, 2011. Article by Carey Mulligan.

“I’ve now seen Bridesmaids five times. It was a huge, great stonking relief to watch a film that made me burst out with laughter, loud snorting (embarrassing on the airplane) laughter — to see a film that moved me and one that has made me pause and rewind and rewatch scenes, to laugh again or to marvel at a moment one more time. At the heart of this incredible cast is Kristen Wiig in a truly brilliant performance. As an actress, I watch agape and in awe as she fearlessly navigates between the most subtle assessment of a bridal rival and, say, wrestling a giant cookie. It’s really really hard to be funny. It’s even harder to do it like Kristen does. We feel every pang of regret, every uncomfortable pause, every wave of nausea, every flutter of feeling and we love her even at her most unlovable. It’s been described as charm but it’s much, much more than that. It’s the tears in her throat when she’s leaving a voicemail. It’s the palpable tension in her body when she approaches a valet at a fancy party in her scrap-heap car and it’s the warmth and nostalgia and heart in her eyes when she looks at her best friend. We love her also because in a world where women are judged ruthlessly on their appearance, she just doesn’t give a shit. She jumps into the deep end of this story and emerges truthful, complex, hilariously funny and beautiful. I hope she is only beginning to blaze the trail for more of the same.”