Funny Girl

This article appeared in Elle, published in September, 2007. Article by Alexandra Jacobs.

Comic actress Kristen Wiig wrinkles her nose, remembering an early job in Hollywood…at the farmers’ market. “Handing out samples, asking people if they wanted to try a peach – that was the worst,” she says. These days, Wiig, 34, is selling a different kind of of fruity goodness. Rapidly promoted from featured to repertory player on Saturday Night Live, the Rochester, New York native has created memorably obnoxious characters, including hair-twirling braggart Penelope and the female half of the A-Holes. And as the classic undermining coworker in Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up, she knocked audiences out.

“It’s easier to play that person if you’re not that kind of person,” says Wiig, who herself seems quietly mischievous, almost meek. But she’s hardly cowering behind cue cards. Wiig appears this month in Bob Odenkirk’s new comedy, The Brothers Solomon, has a part in Apatow’s December musical-biopic parody, Walk Hard; and will soon be seen in Bill, with Aaron Eckhart and fellow A-Hole Jason Sudeikis. She’s also writing a romantic comedy for Apatow, in whic she’ll star. And she hasn’t ruled out drama.

“It’s challenging to find that good female role,” Wiig says. “Ten years from now, I want to look back and have a body of work that I’m really proud of.” Then, deadpan: “And I want to have a body….like Gisele. A really amazing body.”