2011 Entertainers of the Year

This article appeared in Entertainment Weekly, published in December, 2011. Article by Mindy Kaling.

A lot of crazy, incredible, over-the-top things happen in Bridesmaids, but the movie really succeeds because of the relationship between Kristen’s and Maya’s characters. I love seeing friendships between women realistically ­portrayed, and that was a beautifully depicted best-friendship — one wasn’t just the sidekick to the other. But then all the characters in the movie were fully formed.

I love the scene where we first meet Melissa McCarthy’s character and all Kristen asks her is ”How’s it going?” And Melissa says it’s going great, but she fell off a cruise ship, she hit every railing going down, a dolphin saved her, and now she has pins in her leg. I knew nothing about Melissa McCarthy until I saw the movie, and as an opening scene for an actress it was just magnificent.

The fact that Bridesmaids did as well as it did was an amazing accomplishment. And I love that the movie wasn’t sold as ”Get All Your ­Girlfriends and Go See Bridesmaids!” It was just ”Everybody Go See Bridesmaids, It’s a Funny, Awesome Movie.’