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Esquire (October, 2017)
Renaissance Woman


Hunger (July, 2016)
Kristen Wiig


Interview (March, 2015)
Interview with Sia by Kristen Wiig

Violet Grey (May, 2015)
The Violet Files: Kristen Wiig




Interview (March, 2012)
Profile on Katy Perry by Kristen Wiig (March, 2012)
Jon Hamm Gushes over Co-star Kristen Wiig

Vogue (March, 2012)
Funny Business

Time (April, 2012)
Time 100: Kristen Wiig

Glamour UK (June, 2012)
The Maid of Honour

Marie Claire (August, 2012)
Riot Girl

ELLE (September, 2012)
Women in Hollywood: Kristen Wiig

In Style (September, 2012)
Opening Ceremony turns 30!

The Hollywood Reporter (December, 2012)
How Top Screenwriters Hone Their Craft


The Guardian UK (February 12, 2011)
Kristen Wiig swaps ‘Saturday Night Live’ for ‘Paul’ (March, 2011)
Kristen Wiig on ‘Paul’, ‘SNL’ future and Gilly

ABC News (April, 2011)
Kristen Wiig Gets Down and Dirty in ‘Bridesmaids’

Collider (May, 2011)
Apatow, Feig and Wiig Talk Bridesmaids

Interview (May, 2011)
Profile On: Kristen Wiig

Newsweek (May, 2011)
Kristen Wiig Vs. Jason Sudeikis

The Boston Phoenix (May, 2011)
Interview with Kristen Wiig

The Los Angeles Times (May, 2011)
Kristen Wiig Goes Normal for ‘Bridesmaids’

The New York Times (May, 2011)
Can Kristen Wiig Turn on the Charm?

The Patriot Ledger (May, 2011)
Kristen Wiig is a Natural in Bridesmaids

TIME (May, 2011)
Kristen Wiig: The Anti-Comedian

TimeOut Chicago (May, 2011)
Kristen Wiig Interview

Vanity Fair (May, 2011)
Hangover in Heels

The Stylist (July, 2011)
Remember Her Name

Yen (September, 2011)
Kristen Wiig Interview

The Guardian (November, 2011)
Top Girl

Variety (November, 2011)
SAG Preview 2011

Entertainment Weekly (December, 2011)
2011 Entertainers of the Year

GQ (December, 2011)
Bro of the Year

Paper (December, 2011)
She’s Arrived


V Magazine (March, 2010)
The Many Faces of Kristen Wiig

Blackbook (April, 2010)
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Empire (May, 2010)
5 Things: Kristen Wiig

Film School Rejects (May, 2010)
Forte and Wiig Talk Sex and MacGruber


The New York Times (January, 2009)
She’s Really Shy, But That’s a Secret

Women’s Health (January, 2009)
Getting Funny with SNL’s Kristen Wiig

The A.V. Club (March, 2009)
A.V. Club Interviews Kristen Wiig

Paper (April, 2009)
Beautiful People 2009

Elle (September, 2009)
Love, Loss, and What I Wore


MTV (January, 2008)
Wiig Journeys to Adventureland

Page Six (UK, January 2008)

Vanity Fair (March, 2008)
Chicks with Shticks

GQ (August, 2008)
Funniest Knockout


Entertainment Weekly (May, 2007)
EW 100 of 2007: TV

Sioux City Journal (May, 2007)
Wiig Out with Kristen (July, 2007)
Kristen Wiig Interview

Elle (September, 2007)
Funny Girl

USA Today (September, 2007)
Kristen Wiig Bumps Up Her Star Profile (November, 2007)
The Quick Rap: Kristen Wiig (December, 2007)
Kristen Wiig Walks Hard (December, 2007)
Kristen Wiig Talks ‘Walk Hard’

The New York Post (December, 2007)
Q&A with Kristen Wiig


The A.V. Club (March, 2006)
The New Faces of ‘SNL’


USA Today (December, 2005)
They’re Live on ‘SNL’