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Kristen Wiig crashes Amy Adams’ ‘SNL’ monologue

She did it again! Last weekend, Kristen Wiig crashed Amy Adams’ opening monologue on Saturday Night Live for the second time! This time she was carried on stage, sang in Mariah Carey’s glitter microphone, and danced in her Christmas-hat with her shakers; all before finally singing the Christmas

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Wiig on ‘Saturday Night Live’ – Additional coverage

I have added 250 high-definition screen captures as well as some production stills from Kristen Wiig’s guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. As mentioned in the previous post, she appeared in the opening monologue, as Kathie-Lee Gifford in a “Hollywood Game Night” sketch, introduced a

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Kristen Wiig appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’!

Just as we had hoped, Kristen Wiig appeared on Saturday Night Live yesterday, joining first-time host Bill Hader. Wiig first came out during the opening monologue and helped Hader to make his wish of singing come true. Then she portrayed Kathie-Lee Gifford in a funny

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New stills from Kristen as Dooneese on ‘SNL’

I have added seven new stills from Kristen’s surprise cameo during the episode of Saturday Night Live that Paul Rudd hosted this past season. She returned as Dooneese, the (really) odd sister, during the cold open spoofing the live telecast of The Sound of Music.

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Kristen Wiig makes ‘SNL’ guest appearance

The final show of Saturday Night Live aired this past Saturday (duh), and our Kristen Wiig made an hilarious guest appearance! She returned as the mother in “The Vogelchecks” sketch (you know, the really affectionate family) and as Tweedle-Dong in a very funny Bvlgari sketch.

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Missing ‘Saturday Night Live’ screen captures

While we’re still on the subject, I have added screen captures from some of the episodes of SNL that we were missing. These include shows hosted by Kevin Spacey (season 31), Jaime Pressly (season 32), Jonah Hill (season 33) and characters such as A-Hole Girl,

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Paul Rudd hosts ‘SNL’, screen captures

Here’s an update I completely forgot to do at the time! Kristen Wiig appeared on the episode Paul Rudd hosted on Saturday Night Live way back in December last year. She told David Letterman that she just came in to the studio to visit and