Original airdate: February 10, 2012 (IFC)
Episode title: 2×06 “Catnap”
Directed by: Jonathan Krisel
Written by: Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Karey Dornetto, Jonathan Krisel
Produced by: David Allen Cress
Running time: 23 minutes
Kristen Wiig as: Gathy
Cast: Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Miranda July, Amber Tamblyn

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Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein star in the series, playing themselves and other characters. Each episode will include sketches featuring the pair and will portray the progressive personalities, aesthetics and values of the creators’ dreamy and absurd rendering of Portland.

Episode 2×06 “Catnap”
Directed by Jonathan Krisel and written by Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein & Karey Dornetto
In a boutique clothing store “Two Girls Two Shirts,” the owners (with Miranda July) are momentarily tempted by the idea of having customers; A struggling band finds itself with an all too enthusiastic fan (Kristen Wiig); Jayde from “jayde speaks Sevyn” and director Gahvin Quin make a video plea to help raise money in the name of art. When an innovative intern (Amber Tamblyn) suggests improvements at the feminist bookstore, shopkeepers Toni and Candace defend their way of doing business; Carrie’s sister begins making jewelry, prompting Fred to consider a new way to make a living; A houseowner’s move takes longer than she expects when she accidentally hires an eco-friendly moving crew.

Kristen Wiig as Gathy
Kristen Wiig plays Gathy, an obsessive super-fan of the struggling band “Catnap”, who kidnaps the singers in fear that they will become popular and leave Portland. Instead of keeping them locked in her house, she eventually joins the band (which also includes the cat Kevin) on stage under the new name “Catnapped”.


Gathy: What’s next for you guys? ‘Cause you guys are really selling out shows and becoming really popular.
Carrie’s character: More shows.
Fred’s character: We’re gonna record in like a month or so.
Gathy: Stay in Portland.
Fred’s character: We’re gonna put out a full-length album.
Gathy: Stick around.
Carrie’s character: Do a bunch of tours.
Gathy: Touring around Portland at different bars and stuff.

Gathy: I just to watch P!nk play on a little, crappy, wooden plank outside of a gas station. It was just her and her guitar, and I was the only one out there. She had long hair.
Fred’s character: Who? P!nk?
Carrie’s character: That’s not true.
Gathy: Yeah, that’s how you know her. I know her as her real name.
Fred’s character: Okay, which is?
Gathy: Barbara.
Fred’s character: Barbara?
Gathy: Barbara Jean. By the way, I’m Gathy.
Fred’s character: Cathy, nice to meet you.
Gathy: It’s Gathy. With a G.

Carrie’s character: [to the cat] Kevin, call 911!
Gathy: Kevin, don’t call 911. You gt back up there!

Fred’s character: I’ll tell you what. You should let us go, I think. I’ll tell you why.
Gathy: I’ll tell you why I won’t.
Fred’s character: Why?
Gathy: This has been a dream come true. Have you guys live with me and sing to me in the morning. Come on, you guys are having fun, right?
Fred’s character: Yeah.
Carrie’s character: It’s been a lot of fun.

Gathy: This is my impression of an STD. [holds a cauliflower to her crotch]
Carrie’s character: It’s really accurate.
Gathy: It’s like an ice-breaker.