Aunt Linda

First appearance: November 11, 2006

Kristen Wiig plays Amy Poehler’s “Aunt Linda”, who appears as a very confused movie critic on ‘Weekend Update’ and blasts highly praised movies in favor of less intellectual fare, like The Fast and the Furious over The Queen.

She peppers her reviews of the movies with expressions such as “Gah!” or an “Oh Brother!”

Inspiration and History

Kristen has said that the character is based on a woman making loud and confused commentary about a film showing while she was on an airplane. Wiig debuted Aunt Linda at The Groundlings, where she played her watching The Matrix. She tried to get the character in a sketch on Saturday Night Live several times when they finally came up with the idea to make her a movie reviewer at ‘Weekend Update’.


“Here’s a note: if you want to try REAL acting, put on a baby suit like Marlon Wayans in “Little Man” — now, THAT’S a performance!”

“And the Oscar does NOT go to: the war epic, “Letters From Iwo Jima”! Excuse me? Everyone’s Asian and subtitled? I have two letters for you, Clark Eastwood: F. U.! Yeah, I give this tub o’ lard a big, fat “Oh, Criiippes!”

“I’ll see this one with two eyepatches on!” (on Pirates of the Caribbean)

Ocean’s 13! Coming out this summer. Did the first twelve do that well? If they’re anything like the last two, I give this one thirteen gahs and a puh-lease.”

“The only happy feet in that theatre were mine when I was leaving.”

“My next film is Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Or what I like to call it, “Alice in Wonder-If-Someone-Put-LSD-In-My-Crystal,” like what is happening in this thing?!”

“I am not gonna leave without mentioning the two most influential movies of the year: Avatar, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s The Tooth Fairy. I hated one and loved the other. Guess.”


November 11, 2006 Reviewing Babel, Happy Feet, Flushed Away
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