Kristen Wiig Interviewed by InStyle Magazine

Kristen was interviewed by InStyle, where she talked about Wonder Woman 1984, her journey to mothermood and much more. You can read the full interview in the press library and check out photos in the gallery!

Before I FaceTimed Kristen Wiig for this story, I prepared a handy diagram of my perception of her career on a Post-it note. It read, “In → Nails it → Out → Repeat.” The point is that when Wiig appears on film, onstage — as she did with glorious hilarity alongside Maya Rudolph at this year’s Oscars — or in an at-home monologue for Saturday Night Live, she vibrates with such high-frequency talent, she could land one performance and lie down for a year.

At 47, Wiig, who has routinely flexed between the comedic (SNL, Bridesmaids), the dramatic (The Skeleton Twins, Where’d You Go, Bernadette), and the experimental (a dance performance with Sia at the 2015 Grammys), is set to appear in the biggest film of her life: Wonder Woman 1984, in which she plays Diana’s colleague, nerd-turned-nemesis Barbara Minerva. The film is scheduled to come out this fall, but given COVID-19, whether it does is anyone’s guess.

But Wiig has been more than occupied. In January she and her fiancé, actor and writer Avi Rothman, welcomed twins via surrogate, so they’ve essentially been quarantining in Los Angeles for six months. While Wiig is an exceptionally private person (she’s not on social media and doesn’t do a lot of press), she was struck by the isolation, the strange “underground” nature of the infertility process that included three years of IVF and ultimately led to surrogacy. “I wish I had talked about it more and asked for more help,” she says. Which is why she decided to talk about it here.

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