#REWIIG: The Real Housewives of Disney

“Jasmine and Aladdin are broke, they used up all their wishes. I heard he spent the last one on a lap dance… *wispers* It was me.”

Kristen Wiig as Cinderella

In our first #REWIIG (it’s our own “rewind” hashtag!) post, we’ll go back to 2012 for the Saturday Night Live sketch “The Real Housewives of Disney”. This one comes from the Lindsay Lohan-hosted episode that aired on March 3, 2012 (so almost exactly seven years ago) and went viral immediately, much thanks to Kristen Wiig as a drunk Cinderella. It was the first sketch for the night (after the cold open and Lohan’s monologue), and we see Disney princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine, at Rapunzel’s castle-warming party. It was truly a hit, funny from beginning to end, with Kristen providing many of the biggest laughs as Cinderella.

The sketch turned out to be so popular that SNL even released a backstage clip with deleted scenes, a not-so-common occurance. Be sure to watch both the sketch and behind the scenes-clip below. What’s your favorite moment from “The Real Housewives of Disney”?

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