Trailers for the Lifetime movie ‘A Deadly Adoption’

Tomorrow, June 20th, Kristen Wiig is starring in the Lifetime original movie A Deadly Adoption alongside Will Ferrell. The news of the secret project was leaked earlier this Spring, which led to Will Ferrell announcing that they weren’t going forward with the film. Then, all of a sudden, billboards promoting the Lifetime event started popping up and the movie was back on. Two trailers have since appeared online, both have been added to the video archive. Be sure to watch A Deadly Adoption tomorrow night on Lifetime.

1 Comment on “Trailers for the Lifetime movie ‘A Deadly Adoption’”

  1. This is a movie for Lifetime casual viewers, outsiders won’t get it and will wonder where’s the comedy. Well the comedy is that they’re playing straight a movie that has all Lifetime cliches in it which are found hilarious by most of their viewers, if you haven’t watched a Lifetime movie before then you’ll get the movie more of a drama with 2-3 subtle comedic moments.

    Thats why its bad that the news of the existance of this movie was released in April because everyone expected it now to be a comedy, if they had kept it a secret just like they initially said then only the Lifetime viewers would’ve seen it and GET IT, but now outside Lifetime viewers went in to see it with different expectations and they won’t be able to link the dots of what Wiig and Ferrell are doing playing it straight when they expected a comedy.

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