Is Kristen Wiig joining ‘Zoolander 2’?

Another post, another question mark. Kristen really knows how to keep us guessing, doesn’t she? Pictures from the Rome-set of Zoolander 2 introduced us to a brand new character to the film this week, Alexanya Atoz. Despite being almost unrecognizable, rumors are saying that it’s Kristen Wiig playing the “fashion icon” in full-on prosthetic. Seeing as how Kristen has worked with both Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the past, and is a fan of fun cameos, I wouldn’t be surprised if she joined the sequel for a fun and outrageous role. Here’s a photo from Zoolander-creator Ben Stiller’s Instagram account (and is that Katinka in the background?). What do you think? Kristen Wiig or not Kristen Wiig?

Very happy to announce Alexanya Atoz has joined the cast of #Zoolander2

A photo posted by Ben Stiller (@benstiller) on

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