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As you regular visitors (’cause there are some of you, right?) might notice, we have a brand-new header here at! I felt we needed a change to celebrate the fact that Spring is almost upon us and, well, I had grown tired of the old one. So here it is, a very colorful header featuring one of the stunning images from the photoshoot Kristen did for GQ back in 2011. Hope you’ll like the change! Please drop a comment before you leave. Thanks!

7 Comments on “New header on!”

  1. It looks so so pretty!!

    Also,I was wondering, did they ever release more than two photos from her GQ photoshoot? There must be so many beautiful photos! :)

    1. Thanks! :)

      I have only been able to find three photos from the shoot. Hopefully more will turn up at some point! Like you said, there really must be so many great photos of her. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

      1. Oh my god there are three out there? Now I have to go search for number 3 :D

        I really absolutely love your site so much, it’s so great and so beautiful and all Wiig ^^

  2. I’m a giant fan of your website because it really has everything a Kristen Wiig fan could ask for and I love you for keeping this website updated…I’m a curious person though, I have never seen a third picture of her GQ photoshoot, I’ve only recently just discovered there’s a second one and I totally flipped, and I absolutely cannot find a third one. May I ask what the third one is or where you found it!? ^^

    1. Thank you! Means a great deal. :) I, too, love that photoshoot and was so happy when I found more pictures from it. Have you been able to find the third one yet?

  3. She looks perfect in this picture! Is there a way I can get this picture, like in a wallpaper format? I’ve been looking for a good wallpaper of her for my computer and this would be perfect. Thanks!

    1. Agreed! Well, the image itself isn’t very big, and I used photoshop to fit her to the plain background. Hope you find the picture anyway! Thanks for visiting. :)

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