‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ opens today!

One of the most anticipated films this holiday season (especially for us Wiigies), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, opens in theaters nationwide today! After reporting on this movie since it first started filming in March last year, I can’t describe how excited I am to finally see it. The film has received mixed reviews from critics (currently holds a 49% rating on RottenTomatoes.com) but the audiences have responded much better to the film (72% rating) with many saying it’s the perfect holiday film. Kristen herself has said numerous times how proud she is of the film (which she’s seen four times now!) so we should all go out to support her and director/actor/producer Ben Stiller! To celebrate the release, I have added some great production stills and promo photos from the film. Be sure to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty at your cinema today!

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  1. I saw the movie and I have also seen what some critics say about it. And I seriously do not understand, the movie was everything I hoped it would be, I cried several times, it was beautiful, it was inspiring, Kristen was amazing and the movie was really beautifully done and after seeing the movie I really wish I would do something with my life, something I want to do, something that makes me happy.
    Just saying ^^

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