Hear Kristen Wiig’s voice in ‘Her’

This is a pleasant surprise, wouldn’t you say? While promoting the three-time Golden Globe-nominated film Her, director Spike Jonze spilled some secrets from the film – which includes the voice of Kristen Wiig! She plays a sex chat room-user called SexyKitten (already hilarious) and here’s what Jonze said of her part:

“Early on in the film, Theodore is very, very sad. He can’t stop thinking of his ex. So, to take his mind off things, he logs into a phone sex chatroom and connects with a woman whom he thinks is a kindred spirit. The talk starts off nice and kinky. Theodore ‘enters’ her—verbally. The woman purrs, and Theodore is getting worked up. And then… things take an unexpected turn. ‘Choke me with that dead cat!’ the woman on the other end screams. Theodore is genuinely confused. ‘The dead cat by the bed… choke me with it!’ she screams louder. So, he ends up playing along and painting a kinky-bizarre scenario where he’s choking the woman with the cat’s tail while they’re ‘having sex.'”

The film – in limited release December 18 – has received tons of accolades and nominations already. Add Kristen Wiig to the cast and you have a winning film altogether!

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  1. I may be sort of sick, but I kept laughing today with the phrase “Choke me with that dead cat!” stuck in my head. I saw “Her” yesterday and I was quite surprised that Kristin Wiig was the voice that made that hilarious bit. Though I guess that I shouldn’t have been surprised since, after all, it was Kristen Wiig. I just had to keep telling my girlfriend, “Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t write it! I just can’t stop laughing.” Riotous.

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