Join in on Kristen’s 40th Birthday celebration!

Okay, so due to my poor memory (it’s good, but short!) I forgot to post this. However, there is still some time for you to join in on the birthday celebration for Kristen Wiig’s 40th on August 22! The great people behind the tumblr-accounts themadeofdishonor and andyourhostkristenwiig have started a “Happy 40th/Holy crap you’re such an amazing person”-book for Kristen, and submissions can be whatever your heart desires! A formal birthday card, a letter telling her how awesome she is, fan art, really whatever you can think of ! If one sentence is all you want to send then go for it! They will be accepting submissions until August 15 (i.e. for THREE more days!) so that they will have enough time to assemble the book and mail it. Please send your submissions to!

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