‘Girl Most Likely’ review round-up

Kristen Wiig’s latest feature – Girl Most Likely – is finally arriving in theaters tomorrow, so here is a look at what the critics are saying. Although the film has received some bad reviews (currently at an unfortunate 13% fresh on RottenTomatoes.com) Kristen is being raved for being one of the only good parts of the production. We know that Girl Most Likely (premiering at the Toronto Film Festival last year under the title Imogene) is a movie Kristen’s been trying to get made for several years, so we should all support our favorite by going out to see it this weekend! Read some review tidbits below.

“Wiig really shines in the film, proving that her finely honed comic timing can make a character work even when the film ultimately doesn’t. With the smallest tics she conveys depth that may not have been there on the page and at times it seems like she’s in a different movie than the rest of the cast (who were all uniformly given the direction “go broad”) While the film is not without its moments, “Girl Most Likely” would be a good deal worse were it not for the dedication of its star.”
– Cory Everett, The Playlist

“There is a very good chance that I like Girl Most Likely — the latest from Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini — better than I really should. I freely admit that it’s not much more than a rom-com with a few quirky embellishments. It is most certainly not in the same league as the duo’s The Extra Man (2010). However, the truth is I had a good time with the movie — at least, once it got past a rocky start.”
– Ken Hanke, Mountain X

“I give full credit to both Wiig and Bening for trying as hard as they do. Wiig’s gift as a comic performer is finding a way to deliver a line that no one else would ever think of, finding both humor and heart in the characters she plays. No matter how extreme a character she’s playing, she has the ability to give you something real, and Bening is definitely working to find some middle ground with Wiig.”
– Drew McWeeny, HitFix

“Because Wiig is an actor of uncommon depth, navigating seamlessly between pitch-perfect comic timing and genuine pathos, one can easily tell when projects aren’t equal to her intelligence and talent. “Girl Most Likely” is one such blunder, a plodding, familiar indie comedy about “finding yourself” that wades too often into sitcom territory.”
– Dustin Putman, DustinPutman.com

“Girl Most Likely builds to a climax of such monumental stupidity that it destroys whatever slim pretense of realism the film has heretofore established. The movie’s biggest sin, though, is simply wasting Wiig. This is one failure she can’t make funny.”
– A.A. Dowd, A.V. Club

“Wiig’s deadpan dislocation serves her well in the part, especially as she’s drawn out of her own shell by the attractive younger man (Darren Criss) who’s been renting her room. But she’s got nowhere to go and nothing to do.”
– Sam Adams, Time Out New York

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