‘Girl Most Likely’ Paris screening on June 18

EuroZoom are reporting through their Twitter-account that a premiere screening of Girl Most Likely will be held in Paris, France on June 18 with Kristen Wiig and Darren Criss in attendance! The film, called Imogene in French (also its previous title in America), will have a Q&A with the actors the following day, with 435 seats available for purchase. We will – of course – be posting all the coverage from the events here at KristenWiig.org! Edit: More information about the screenings and seats available can be seen in the comments-section, thanks to the great Caro.

6 Comments on “‘Girl Most Likely’ Paris screening on June 18”

  1. it’s screening june 18th and 19th, the available 435 seats are for the 19th and june 18th is sold out. June 19 is also with Q&A with the actors.
    I only know this because I myself hope to get some tickets ;)

    1. there’s a Q&A both days!
      There are two screening on june 18, both are sold out…after that they put both screening together and have the Q&A.
      Not sure if there are still tickets for june 19, but that too includes a Q&A!! ;)

      1. Sure thing!!
        I still have to figure out how to manage to get to Paris and back in time for my exam the next day though. But I’m positive it will work out somehow!!

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