Kristen Wiig hosts ‘SNL’ – Bumper photos

Yesterday saw the much-anticipated return of Kristen Wiig to her old home at Saturday Night Live‘s Studio 8H. It was truly a fantastic episode – definitely the highlight of the season (granted, I’m a bit biased) – and Kristen brought some of her most-beloved characters with her. As the first part of the many SNL-related episodes today, I have added the stunning bumper photos from the show. Kristen looked incredibly beautiful in each of the shots so be sure to check them out in our photo gallery. Stay tuned for more SNL in a  few!

2 Comments on “Kristen Wiig hosts ‘SNL’ – Bumper photos”

  1. her episode was so perfect!?
    I couldn’t stop crying…just because she’s back.
    She was amazing, her bumpers are beautiful and I seriously…I am amazed by her whatever she does, she does it great

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