Film page, screen captures and clips from ‘The Brothers Solomon’

As the final page to be added to Kristen’s filmography, information about The Brothers Solomon have been added. Not only that, but the photo gallery has been updated with movie + DVD extras screen captures & new production stills and the video archive has been given nine new The Brothers Solomon-related clips. This 2007 film is a silly comedy starring Will Arnett and Will Forte as the brothers, with Kristen Wiig as the surrogate mother to their baby. This is an unusual role for Kristen as she’s playing the straight-man role to the brothers wacky antics. It’s definitely worth a viewing and delivers some laughs.

This update actually provided us with quite a few milestone for this site; we now have information about all of Kristen’s feature films; the photo gallery now contains over 40,000 pictures including screen captures from all of her live-action movie roles; and our video archive houses 250 clips including clips from all of her movies! I really am so happy with, it’s always a pleasure to update and read what you have to say. Thank you for visiting and contributing to the site, everyone!