New details on Kristen’s ‘Anchorman 2’ character

As previously mentioned, production on Anchorman: The Legend Continues is scheduled to start next week in Atlanta. Director Adam McKay recently dropped a few tidbits of information regarding the film’s story, revealing that the plot involves the newsteam angling for glory in New York City and talking a bit about Kristen Wiig’s character. Here’s what he said:

“Brick’s so far gone that you can’t have a relationship with him,” [McKay] laughed, admitting that Kristen Wiig’s character will be tempting him to do just that. “It takes a special someone to get a rope snare around his heart. She is dangerous!”

So excited for this movie! If pictures from the set find their way online we will post them. Watch this space for that! Also, thanks to for the article.

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