Publishers want book from Kristen Wiig

According to The Hollywood Reporter (via, Kristen Wiig and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are at the top of the wish list of book publishers next comedian-turned-author. THR notes that books by male comedians haven’t been doing as well lately – partially because of a lack of said books that stand out and because women tend to buy more books than men. The recent wave of books by female comedians began with Chelsea Handler’s 2005 book My Horizontal Life, with releases from Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Rachel Dratch, and Ellen DeGeneres following in its wake. Kristen actually has been asked the question, but answered that she isn’t writing on any books right now. With 6 (!) movies scheduled for release this year, and another one co-written with Annie Mumolo on the horizon; we get why she simply don’t have the time. Would you like to read a book by Kristen?

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