Video clips of Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominations

I have added video clips of Kristen Wiig being nominated at the Primetime Emmy Awards and last year’s Golden Globe Awards. Unfortunately she didn’t win any of them (can’t believe she never received an Emmy for her work on Saturday Night Live) but it’s an honor to be nominated, right? Watch the clips (more coming soon) in the video archive by clicking on the previews below.

2 Comments on “Video clips of Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominations”

  1. It’s painful to watch her lose for her last season to Julia Bowen.
    Kristen deserved it so much…but I guess us Kristen fans know how talented,funny and awesome she is without a stupid award!

  2. I remember quite well that when the presenters said Kristen’s name at last year’s Emmy, she got the most applause and acclamation. This said something though she did not win. Same thing happened at last year’s GG, only much more obvious.
    It’s no using regreting. Now we focus on her movies.
    Go to theater and watch them. Buy DVDs or do whatever we can. There will come GG, Academy, PCA ,and so much more.

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