Kristen Wiig on writing the ‘Bridesmaids’ script

Kristen Wiig was one of the screenwriters in The Hollywood Reporter’s interview called “How Top Screenwriters Hone Their Craft”. She talked about writing the screenplay for Bridesmaids and how it came about.

Kristen Wiig 
Co-writer, Bridesmaids (with Annie Mumolo)

Bridesmaids was our first screenplay. I knew how scripts worked, but I didn’t know what should generally happen on page 30, or in three acts, so we bought one of Syd Field’s books on screenwriting. When Annie and I turned in our original draft, she was seven months pregnant — and then she was seven months pregnant again when we shot the movie. We joked that when her babies came out, their first words were going to be ‘Judd’ [Apatow, who produced the movie] and ‘rewrite.’ There are a lot of sad moments in the film, which we really wanted. In the end, the story is the most important thing. It’s story first and funny second.”

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