Welcome to Version 3 of KristenWiig.org

After working on the new look for the past days, I am now ready to unveil the third version of KristenWiig.org! It’s very different from the previous layouts, with a lot of color (mostly green/blue and red) and a backdrop of New York City, celebrating Kristen’s work on the NYC-based Saturday Night Live. The photos used are from her stunning ELLE photoshoot and the background’s from SXC-user xvoltagex. I’m still working on the final touches, but I’m hoping that y’all will really like it. Drop a comment with your opinion before you leave. Thanks!

6 Comments on “Welcome to Version 3 of KristenWiig.org”

  1. WOW, this is awesome!!! I gotta say that only KristenWiig.org’s layout and everything just amaze me everytime! It’s magnificent yet not gaudy. Love it!!!

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