Kristen Wiig on the cover of Marie Claire!

Fantastic news, everyone! Kristen Wiig is gracing the cover of Marie Claire magazine’s August issue! She looks stunning on the cover, which is her first on one of the major fashion magazines. She talks about Bridesmaids, her future projects and how her life has changed over the past year. The issue hit newsstands today, and we will – of course – provide you with scans as soon as possible. For now, view the cover photo to the left and read the first part of the interview in our press archive. Stay tuned for full coverage.

1 Comment on “Kristen Wiig on the cover of Marie Claire!”

  1. I LOVE she is on a cover!! I’ve been missing some Kristen News, so FINALLY something is happening.

    WIth all that said, this is the worst photo of her ever.. Bad make-up makes her eyes look saggy, she looks like she’s wearing a batrobe in the morning and just woke up :( And she is normally so beautifull but this is bad :(

    But can’t wait for the interview!

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