Westfeldt on Kristen Wiig’s Crazy Work Schedule

Jennifer Westfeldt – the star, writer, director and producer of Friends with Kids – is interviewed by co-star Adam Scott in the latest issue of Blackbook magazine. She talks about the movie and how Kristen Wiig had a crazy work schedule doing this movie, Saturday Night Live and finishing Bridesmaids at the same time. Read what she said below, and check out the full interview at their official website.

[…] I think we got Kristen on all of her days off.

AS: Yeah, she was actually doing SNL at the same time.
And she had to go to L.A. a few times to look at cuts for Bridesmaids. It was a crazy time for her. I remember looking at the schedule and thinking, Well, Chris needs to be back here, and Maya’s pregnant. It was tough to get the people we wanted all together at one time.

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