Full Interview with Katy Perry by Kristen Wiig

Ask and you shall receive, right? We wanted to read the interview with Katy Perry that Kristen Wiig wrote for Interview magazine’s March issue – and here it is! The piece is so funny and I really like the conversation-like style Kristen uses throughout the interview. She really is the best, isn’t she? Read a short (but awesome) excerpt from the interview below, then visit Interview’s website for the full piece.

PERRY: Do you remember what you gave me the first time I did SNL?

WIIG: Yes, I do. It was because of something you said on Twitter.

PERRY: I said something like, “It’d be a dream come true to have a lock of Kristen Wiig’s hair to put under my pillow.” So when I did the show, you gave me a little card with a sweet message and a tiny lock of hair with a little baby-blue bow attached.

WIIG: I remember thinking, This is either the creepiest thing I’ve ever done or it’s the best.

PERRY: It’s definitely the creepiest. That wasn’t your real hair, though, was it?

WIIG: Yeah, it was.

PERRY: Don’t lie to me. That was prop-wig hair.

WIIG: No, I cut my hair. I wouldn’t give you wig hair. Gross.

PERRY: Kristen Wiig is a meth head!

WIIG: Yeah, and my hair just falls out. I just, like, tug on it.

PERRY: You gave me fall-out hair?

WIIG: I just cleaned out my brush.

PERRY: While listening to Fall Out Boy.

WIIG: While falling down.

PERRY: [laughs] I’m sorry.

WIIG: So I do have a list of questions for you.

PERRY: I didn’t know if you were going to actually do your homework.

WIIG: Are you kidding? Listen to these papers. [rustles papers] You hear that? It’s actually a Harry & David catalog.

PERRY: I love their fruits.

Read the entire interview by clicking here!