Is a ‘Bridesmaids’ Sequel with Kristen Wiig Still Possible?

Kristen Wiig may not be writing a Bridesmaids sequel right now, but that doesn’t mean she won’t do it at some point down the line… One of the bridesmaids, Wendi McLendon-Covey, says it’s still very possible that Wiig will be a part of Universal’s much wanted sequel.  “She never said that she didn’t want to do it,” McLendon-Covery told E! at Audi and Martin Katz’s 2012 Pre-Golden Globes party. “All she said was that she’s not working on it right this minute because someone gave her the opportunity to write and direct her own film [Clown Girl] so, duh, she’s going to do that first. So no. I think all she’s waiting for is for her and Annie Mumulo to come up with an idea that’s equally as good.”

McLendon-Covey says we all just need to give it some time. “It just won’t happen in the next six months,” she said. So what would a Bridesmaids sequel be about? “There’s always divorce parties,” McLendon-Covey smiled. “There’s always baby showers. There’s all kinds of hideous things like that that women do.”

Speaking of Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig has received another award for her fantastic performance as Annie! The Irish TV & Film Academy has nominated her in the category International Actress – Film. The ceremony will be held at the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday February 11.

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