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First trailer for ‘Revenge for Jolly!’

Along with the news that Revenge for Jolly! will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on May 7, also came the very first trailer. It has some short clips of Kristen’s small cameo role as a bride. I have added the trailer to our video archive and screen captures to our photo gallery. Enjoy!

Film page, screen captures and clips from ‘The Brothers Solomon’

As the final page to be added to Kristen’s filmography, information about The Brothers Solomon have been added. Not only that, but the photo gallery has been updated with movie + DVD extras screen captures & new production stills and the video archive has been given nine new The Brothers Solomon-related clips. This 2007 film is a silly comedy starring Will Arnett and Will Forte as the brothers, with Kristen Wiig as the surrogate mother to their baby. This is an unusual role for Kristen as she’s playing the straight-man role to the brothers wacky antics. It’s definitely worth a viewing and delivers some laughs.

This update actually provided us with quite a few milestone for this site; we now have information about all of Kristen’s feature films; the photo gallery now contains over 40,000 pictures including screen captures from all of her live-action movie roles; and our video archive houses 250 clips including clips from all of her movies! I really am so happy with, it’s always a pleasure to update and read what you have to say. Thank you for visiting and contributing to the site, everyone!

2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party – Photo booth pictures

As most of you might know, the 85th Annual Academy Awards are taking place tonight in Hollywood. Unfortunately, Kristen Wiig isn’t scheduled to be part of the event, however there is still a chance that she’ll attend the famous Vanity Fair Oscar Party after the ceremony. Last year she attended both events, as well as posed with friends Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone (make a movie together, already!) in the Vanity Fair Photo booth. I have – insert finally – added the photos, along with a new one released just a couple of days ago, to our photo gallery. Edit: Unfortunately, Kristen didn’t attend any Oscars-related events.

Photos from 2008 public appearances

The gallery updates continue today with new additions from public appearances Kristen Wiig made in 2008. That year she promoted Pretty Bird at the Sundance Film Festival, Saturday Night Live at various press tours and Ghost Town at the Toronto International Film Festival. Over 100 pictures from those events and many more – both old and new (to the gallery) ones – have been added to our photo gallery.

Photos from the Costume Designers Guild Awards

Yesterday Kristen Wiig attended the 15th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards with her SNL pals Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. She looked gorgeous in a white dress as she was photographed arriving to the event. Over 100 pictures from the awards show have been added to our photo gallery!

New stills from ‘Girl Most Likely’

The production company Voltage Pictures has released some new promotional stills from Girl Most Likely. Kristen Wiig is featured in 7 of them, all of which have been added to our photo gallery. I have also added a few pictures from the filming of the movie on September 13, 2011. Click on the previews below to view them all.

Photos from 2007 public appearances

Additional pictures from the public appearances Kristen made in 2007 have been added. This year she promoted Meet Bill (despite having a rather small role in the film) at the Toronto International Film Festival, attended the world premiere and press conference for Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and more. The 2007-category went from having 10 pictures to the current 67 – quite a bit more, wouldn’t you say?