‘Masterminds’ release postponed indefinitely

Relativity Media has attempted to maintain an appearance of normalcy following its bankruptcy, claiming that it would stick with an early October release date for heist comedy Masterminds. But reassurances from Ryan Kavanaugh’s company that the film is coming out as planned have been scratched, with the Kristen Wiig-Zach Galifianakis comedy now postponed indefinitely. Variety learned about the postponement from international distributors, who complained that they were unable to release the film until it comes out in the U.S. and they now have no idea when, or if, that will happen.

Distributors learned of the delay Friday from Relativity international president Camela Galano. The company did not acknowledge the move until confronted with an email Galano sent more than two dozen foreign film operators. “Relativity Studios has moved Masterminds from its scheduled October 9th release date,” the company then confirmed in a statement, “and we expect to announce a new 2015 release date shortly.”

  • Caroline

    Wait, I don’t understand…it’s postponed indefinetely but expect to announce a new 2015 release date shortly? So, technically, it’s postponed until late this year? Or am I getting this all wrong right now?

    • KristenWiig.org Admin

      Technically, it IS postponed indefinitely. Since Relativity has gone bancrupt, there is no guarantee that they will EVER be able to release Masterminds. The part about “we expect to announce a new 2015 release date shortly” is probably something to keep people thinking they will bounce back. Hopefully they WILL release the film this year, though! Can’t wait to see Kristen and Zach together again.

      • Caroline

        So they’re saying they postponed it indefinetely, but someone else might buy it and release it this year!? I was so looking forward to this movie, I really hope we will get to see it sometime soon.