Screen captures from season 34 of ‘Saturday Night Live’

To continue the holiday celebrations, I have added over 5,000 (!) screen captures of Kristen Wiig’s work in the 34th season of Saturday Night Live. We saw the return of characters such as Target Lady, Aunt Linda and the surprise-loving Sue, and welcomed new ones: the odd sister Dooneese; the brilliant impression of Kathie Lee Gifford; the sexy-but-not-really Shana. Click on the previews below to see all the additions in our photo gallery!

  • claire

    OMG !
    I can’t say thank u enough!
    Love these pics
    It’s a quick look through of all those wonderful characters

  • claire

    one of my favs is missing.
    Agent 420 from S34E02
    I just instantly noticed this,haha

  • Filip

    I’m happy you enjoy looking at the screen captures, it’s always a pleasure capping Kristen’s awesome work! Thanks for pointing that out, can’t believe I missed Kristen’s hilarious Agent 420 theme song!