Screen captures from season 35 of ‘Saturday Night Live’

Over 4,000 screencaptures of Kristen Wiig’s work in the 35th season of the legendary Saturday Night Live have been added to the photo gallery. Kristen continued to shine in her fifth year on the show, showcasing her comedy skills of both creating original characters as well as brilliant celebrity impersonations. More video clips from SNL will be added to our video archive soon, too. For now, enjoy!

  • Caro

    waaah that’s so cool. I kind of love screencaps, I have thousands on my computer, it’s just so much fun looking at them!!

  • claire

    I know it’s a lot of work. But when can we see the screencaps from season 31 to 34 ? THX

    • admin

      I’m screencapping frequently, with season 34 being added to the photo gallery soon. It is, indeed, a lot of work. But it’s always a joy to watch Kristen’s performances!

  • Vickie Acree

    I am trying to determine the name of the song/music used in the tiny hands skit this season. We are doing a skit for our holiday party and cannot find it. Any help would be much appreciated!!