Wiig may join Diaz in ‘The Other Woman’

According to TheWrap, Kristen Wiig is under consideration for a role in the new Cameron Diaz film – a female revenge comedy called The Other Woman. The movie, with a script by Melissa Stack, is about a woman who finds out she is the other woman in a love triangle. She meets up with the wife in order to conspire and get revenge against the husband. Diaz is set to play “the other woman”, with Kristen Wiig supposedly portraying the wife who teams up with the mistress. The high-concept story is in the vein of The First Wives Club, but with a younger skew. More information will be posted when available. As a big fan of both Kristen and Cameron, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this collaboration! What do you think, if Wiig were to join the project?

  • claire

    Well, if Kristen had quite enough time to do this, it certainly would be great! Cause drama thing can really show one’s acting skill. But if she’s really busy and had no enough to really sink into the character, then better not. This kind of movie is not rare, and it really reminds me of Carrie Underwood’s new single”Two Black Cadillacs”. Don’t know if the inspiration came from this. And I sincerely hope that Kristen can play more roles that are challengable and qualified. She’s a great actress. Good movies need her.

  • Line

    I’d love any new movie with Kristen *-*

    And a movie with Kristen and Cameron Diaz would be pretty great…and the plot does sound good, if they choose the right guy for the role of the husband this could a really great movie!! ^^